3DMed | Virtual 3DMED consortium conference
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Virtual 3DMED consortium conference

Discover the potential of Additive Manufacturing for medical applications via this page: a virtual 3DMED consortium conference!

A COVID-proof way to share the 3DMED consortium insights with you.


What can you expect?


The videos below highlight the potential of Additive Manufacturing for Medical applications and give an overview of the current state of affairs, practical cases and a sneak preview of the (near) future.

Additive Manufacturing is well-established in the medical field – with applications ranging from Class I to Class III. However, there is still a huge potential awaiting us; several hurdles – technological, regulatory, or organisational – hamper the full use of the available technologies. 3DMED invites you to, via this page, explore the solutions that are existing or under development.


Why watch?


  • Get information on the latest and future options on Additive Manufacturing (AM) for Medical applications.
  • Stay updated on some specific breakthroughs on the crossroads of AM and Medical application.
  • Source potential (research, development, AM …) partners.


Here we go – discover the potential of AM for medical applications:

3DMed workshop Belgium: Development and streamlined integration of 3D printing to enable advanced medical treatment 

Amir Zadpoor

The medicine of the future: 3D printing patient-specific scoliosis braces

Cristiana Costa, UGent –

Capturing the biophysical cues of the vascularised bone osteoid through thiolene photo-click chemistry

Laurens Parmentier, UGent –

Poly(2-oxazoline)s for medical AM applications

Ali Tigrine, Avroxa –