3DMed | Succesful 3DMed Workshop at M2i Meeting Materials
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Succesful 3DMed Workshop at M2i Meeting Materials

M2i Meeting Materials

Succesful 3DMed Workshop at M2i Meeting Materials

The 3DMed project held a workshop in the Netherlands at the M2i annual conference: Meeting Materials 2019 on December 10th.

Meeting Materials is an open event for everyone who is interested and involved in materials development. The conference is an opportunity to learn about the latest insights and developments in the field of innovative and smart materials, along with ways in which these materials can stimulate economic progress and a sustainable society. More than 310 people visited this event, of which approximately 140 (40%) from industry and 170 (60%) from academia and research institutes across The Netherlands and Europe.

At the plenary session, Mr. Bert van Haastrecht, director of Programs of M2i, introduced the 3DMed project workshop as a component of the event. During his invited keynote speech, Prof. Dr. Amir Zadpoor presented the challenges that the 3DMed consortium is addressing in this Interreg2Seas project as well as the types of the medical devices that the partnership is developing by applying 3D printing technologies. More than 200 participants attended the plenary session.

More than 60 people registered to the 3DMed workshop, from academia and industry.  Prof.Dr. Amir Zadpoor and Dr. Jie Zhou chaired the morning and afternoons sessions, respectively. Project partners and  their collaborators presented their work:

  • Eva Hofland (Oceanz) – Additive Manufacturing of Polymers for Medical Applications
  • Chris Arts (Maastricht UMC) – Novel 3D printed Ti cage design and methods to boost spinal fusion
  • Dr. Victor de la Rosa (Avroxa) – Poly(2-oxazoline)s as versatile biomaterials
  • Prof. Dr. Dimitrios Stamatialis (UT) – Development of (bio)artificial organs to mimic and / or replace patient failing organs
  • Dr. Mohammad Ahmadi (Amber Implants) – 3D printed customized spinal implants
  • Sebastien Callens (TU Delft) – How soap films inspire 3D-printed bone scaffolds

Workshop participants witnessed first-hand the research progress already realized in the 3DMed project. In addition, the project had an exhibition booth where 3D printed parts were displayed, along with flyers, posters and a roll-up banner.