3DMed | 3DMed Project was kicked off
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3DMed Project was kicked off

Group picture 3DMed

3DMed Project was kicked off

While feeling very excited about the approval of the 3DMed project application by the Monitoring Authority, all the partners in the consortium started the activities defined in the initiation phase (12 July 2019 – 12 January 2019) and the preparation for the kick-off and implementation of the project, before the official starting date of the project (1 October 2018).

The official initiation meeting and kick-off meeting were held in Delft on 29-30 October 2018. On the first day, project officer, Ms. Elodie Villeneuve, and financial officer, Mr. Wilde Petrone, of the Joint Secretariat, as well as Ms. Pamela Molder of the Territorial Facilitator in the Netherlands, joined more than 40 participants representing 17 project partners.  Following the agenda, the lead partner and also the host of the meeting presented the structure of the joint project, its objectives, expected deliverables, outputs and results, as well as the division of tasks and responsibilities. All the partners presented their expertise and contributions to the project. Then, all critically important issues, including performance evaluation, project milestones, monitoring plan, risk management, potential deviations and responses to the comments and recommendations of the Monitoring Authority, were addressed. With the help of the Joint Secretariat,  many clarifications were made with respect to the role and obligations of each partner as well as the EU/Program rules, regulations and requirements.

During the discussion on the issues related to Work Package Management, consensus was reached about the steering committee, advisory committee and IPR  issues. Follow-up actions were clearly defined. Then, the issues in each of the activities of Work Package Communication were discussed.  With input from the participants, the first deliverable of the project started to take its distinct shape.

During the kick-off meeting on day 2, each of the activities in work packages from 1 to 5 was discussed. The lively discussions were enriched by the ideas, insights and recommendations of the representatives of 13 observer partners. Plans for further discussions within each work package were made. At the end of the kick-off meeting, all the participants felt strongly optimistic about the results to be achieved through concerted efforts within the partnership, and, at the same time, realized a lot of work and challenges ahead in the forthcoming years.