3DMed | 3DMed project session at the online 3D MedTech Printing Conference
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3DMed project session at the online 3D MedTech Printing Conference

3DMed project session at the online 3D MedTech Printing Conference

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 3DMed project UK dissemination event was held online as part of the Online3D MedTech Printing Conference on the 2nd Feb 2021.

This conference, which is part of the 3D Medical Printing Series, brings together the international Medtech community to showcase the work of researchers and industries in the 3D Medtech Printing field and its applications, with the aim of fostering closer ties and collaborations. The overall goal of this conference is to address the technologies and as well as the applications — from early technology development to downstream applications. The conference is accredited by The Dutch Association for Technical Medicine with 4 (Continuing Medical Education) CME credits. There are about 40 participants in the conference from both academic institutions and companies from the UK and the rest of Europe.

Prof Cathy Ye chaired the online meeting that opened with Prof Amir Zadpoor’s overview of the 3DMed project, highlighting the challenges faced in 3D printed medical devices and how the project will be able to address those challenges. The following project partners presented their work:

  • Dr Maria Cristiana Ferreira Da Costa – Ghent University, Belgium

The revolution of additive manufacturing technology in scoliosis braces

  • Helda Pahlavani – Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Design and additive manufacturing of orthotic and prosthetic devices

  • Dr Pieter Slagmolen – Materialise Medical, Belgium

Planning automation for sustainable manufacturing in mass personalization

  • Prof Sandra Van Vlierberghe – Ghent University, Belgium

Photo-crosslinkable polymer platform to serve medical applications

The abstracts of the presentations are available upon request.